Strengthen sales and retention.

Caddipay helps customers purchase what they need when they want it, and helps improve sales and customer retention in the process.

Increase conversions, decrease cart abandonment with BNPL.

Reduce obstacles at checkout

Get customers approved for financing so they can check out in seconds.

Help make purchases more affordable

Offering BNPL allows customers to make larger orders with ease, helping increase your AOV.

Increase brand loyalty

Empower your customers to buy what they want, when they need it and keep them coming back for the long haul.

You earned your customers. We’ll help you keep them.

Caddipay offers convenient 0% financing for your purchases. See if you qualify in seconds.*

Merchant portal.

We make it easy to manage everything in one location with the Caddipay merchant portal.

Seamless integration.

Caddipay is easy to implement, with smooth integrations into your existing infrastructure.

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